Antiquaria Springtime Pansies Sampler DIY Embroidery Kit, 6 in

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Product Overview

Create a gorgeous work of art with our DIY Pastel Pansies Sampler Embroidery Kit. Designed for flower enthusiasts and embroidery aficionados, this kit allows you to explore the intricate beauty of springtime pansies through stitching. This embroidery design captures the delicate details and soft hues of these charming flowers, making it the perfect next stitch for your embroidery collection or a thoughtful handmade gift. Unwind and indulge in the therapeutic nature of embroidery with this beautiful floral stitch.

The kit includes all essential materials (sans scissors), enabling you to stitch your heart out. No prior experience is required for our kits; comprehensive instructions and YouTube tutorials provide invaluable guidance, ensuring it feels like we're right there with you throughout your crafting journey.

What's included:

-Printed Fabric

-Needle (sm and lg)

-Needle Threader



-Detailed instructions (and don't forget about all of our YouTube tutorials as well!)